This Artist Paints With Marijuana Smoke With Breathtaking Results

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Talk about not wasting that hit! This artist uses his exhaled marijuana smoke to “paint” pictures. Fernando De La Rocque of Rio De Janiero has done numerous portraits of famous world figures, historical photos, and scenes from classic masterpieces using cannabis smoke and stencils. The results? Nothing short of breathtaking.

A sustainable art


“I first started smoking when I was an adolescent because I liked to smoke. I think it is pleasurable and it is a sustainable action. You could say I’m taking advantage of an ‘ink’ that’s just being tossed into the air to make a work of art.”

The beginning

First, he has to choose the portrait he wants to do, and a lot of thought goes into that part of the process. “But I choose images that I think are more visual so that when it comes time to cut the stencil, for example with the image that I’m doing of Mujica, I chose an image that really shows his wrinkles around his eyes and stuff so it really stands out and aesthetically it looks…

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