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This Country Just Legalized Medical Marijuana, Industry Valued At $100 Million


There is a part of the world at the moment whose medical marijuana industry is estimated at $100 million, and it hasn’t even really begun yet. Australia has just recently jumped on the legal medical marijuana bandwagon after a long time of prohibition and conservatism on the issue. However, last month the federal Parliament legalized the cultivation of medical marijuana and further regulations are under revision.

Australia is expected to launch into a full power marijuana industry that will not only benefit the economy, but that will likely provide a lot of good job opportunities, too. There are many components to the marijuana industry that can be accounted for upon legalization such as growers, manufacturers of equipment and cannabis products. As another country jumps into the multi-billion dollar global industry, the reasons to legalize continue to grow and grow.

More medicine, more money, more jobs



Medical marijuana could be the solution to a number of problems all over the world,…

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