This Guy Made The Ultimate Summertime Weed-Smoking Device



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By Christopher Teague

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We have just found our new hero. His superpower? Making the most amazing edible pipe for summertime we have ever seen.

Summertime heat is no joke

Summer is hot. Yesterday it hit 104° where I am at. That isn’t fun by any stretch of the imagination. When the waves start to shimmer off the asphalt, you become open to anything that will cool you down. The drinks look more ice than liquid (at least for a few minutes), and the air conditioners are cranked like 747 jet engines. But the absolute best way to cool off the core? Ice cream!

I love this man

Instagram chef Tym Bussanich is getting a late Valentine’s card from us, because he just blew our minds. Watch the video below to see him turn an ice cream cookie sandwich into a pipe! With one delicious fell swoop, he raises his consciousness and lowers his temperature at the same time.

Step 1. Coring the ice cream

If you do this, make sure your ice cream is frozen solid. A melting sandwich is not the best for solidity. Don’t worry, it will get warm in a minute. Take a CLEAN drill bit and dig a hole partially into the ice cream. Do this halfway between the center and the edge of the sandwich.

Step 2. Pop the top

Gently remove the cookie from one side. Take a melon baller or scoop and core down to the other cookieat the center of the sandwich. This will act as your cooling chamber for the smoke. Then scrape a draw path from the drill hole through the center area.

Step 3. The other end

Take a straw and push an inhale path from the edge of the sandwich into the cooling chamber, then replace the cookie. Make sure your drilled hole is lined up in the same place as before. Now just add a bit of herb to the top of the cookie and spark it up. When you are done, eat the evidence and cool off right!

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