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Cannabis users everywhere know that lighter thieves are the bane of a smoker’s existence, but what if you never had to worry about losing your zippo to a sticky fingered stoner friend ever again?  Sounds too good to be true right? Well the folks at Solopipe have come to your rescue because they have created the original and best  self igniting pipe on the market. Intrigued?


Lighter thieves are a thing of the past now, and this particular device has so much more to offer than just that. If you’re an active cannabis enthusiast that likes to keep your life and possessions clean, simple and highly functional, the Solopipe is most definitely for you. Solopipe is great for on the go toking, it packs a good punch in one hit, and you can simply slide the bowl cover over what’s left, pop it in your pocket, and go.  The Solopipe comes in a hardshell case complete with a poker, a brush for cleaning, additional screens and a carrying bag to hold everything, so you don’t have to worry about anything happening to it in your purse or pocket during your day or night out.


The  Solopipe refills using butane, which makes it extremely easy to use again and again. The Solopipe ships empty so make sure to grab some of that butane so you’re ready to use it the moment it arrives.  Butane is extremely easy to come by, as most zippo or dabbing enthusiasts will tell you, it is available at basically any grocery or convenience store. Once filled with butane, it’s time to pack your best herb and enjoy.  Understandably, some people may worry about the flame that’s going to come out, but we assure you, you shouldn’t be.  Just like your favorite lighter (which you no longer need) you can adjust the flame height to what you’re comfortable with.  Keeping your Solopipe clean is extremely easy, it comes with small cleaning tools specifically designed for the device, which will ensure that your pipe will always hit just like it did that first time.

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On top of being incredibly convenient, both because it is small enough to carry in your pocket and you don’t need to use a lighter, Solopipe is also easy on the eyes with it’s sleek and sophisticated design.  On the website, they offer both Classic Chrome and Gunmetal.  Solopipe retails for a very affordable $69.99, and if you buy two, they are on sale for an unbeatable $99.99 for the pair.  You can get your very own Solopipe (and one for your smoking bestie) at


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