This Is The Only Time Nixon Will Have Your Back


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For cannabis lovers, there is nothing more aggravating than those who have falsely villainized the plant, and nothing better than getting in a good jab at their expense! The infamous Richard Nixon has been zinged so many ways it is a novel in itself, but one grower is adding to that list.

Tricky Dick

A legendary political operative, Roger Stone has turned his mind to cannabis. To “burn” Nixon, and the legend of the man who put cannabis on the Controlled Substance Act against scientific recommendation, he is growing a strain of herb called Tricky Dick. Not only is the strain named after Nixon’s nickname after Watergate, but it is grown at a farm in his hometown! Even better, Stone says that the strain that is:

“A very unique blend of marijuana. You smoke it, you become very paranoid and you want to go to a Chinese restaurant.” – Stone

Stone also has an impressive collection of Nixon memorabilia, including a Nixon bong, and other counter-culture era smoking slanders.

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