This Is Why We Have To Demand Cannabis Legalization


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Prohibitionists have fought cannabis legalization kicking and screaming all the way across the globe. Now that criminalization is backed into a corner, and countries begin the process of restoring the rights of citizens, they do so grudgingly. Why? Why do we have to meet them halfway? Why must there be so many restrictions? Here’s why we need to demand cannabis legalization.

Cannabis fighting for equality

If something is legal, like alcohol, there is no limit to how much you can buy. Load up the shopping cart. It doesn’t matter if drinking can kill you. Cigarettes? Sure, buy them by the carton.

Cannabis, on the other hand, is restricted to ridiculous levels. Seeds are tracked from the moment they are planted, until harvest. Weighed, cataloged, and every bud is controlled in inventory. A company that cannot account for every trace of the plant, even the stems and leaves, can be shut down.

You can only purchase a small amount at a time, and if you have more than that amount in your possession, it…

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