If it’s your first time using edibles, then you need to be careful! It’s kind of hard to judge dosages when it comes to edible marijuana and once you’ve had too much, you’re in for a very long ride.

Edibles stay in the system way longer than smoking does, and you could be super stoned for up to 12 hours. You might even wake up on the couch a day later sitting in the exact same position you were in when you ate it.

Well, the good news is that you can’t overdose and die. But beware what happens when you put marijuana in delicious sweet treat – it’s tempting to go back for seconds because of having the munchies. Double dosing is sure to have you making animal noises or making out with the toilet bowl.

Smoking weed makes you high almost instantly, but eating it takes a little longer to take effect in the body. Getting impatient – something newbies do a lot. Wait at least 90 minutes before taking a second dose because you’ll regret it if the first one kicks in…