This National Paper May Stop Testing Employees For Weed


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Living in a pro-pot state has its obvious benefits. Working in a pro-pot state, on the other hand, is fraught with complications. Companies large and small still use employee drug testing as a measure of suitability for hiring and ongoing employment. But as legalisation and social acceptance gain a stronger foothold, testing for pot is coming under fire.

An unfair standard

While employees may even have a beer or two at lunch, let alone the copious amounts imbibed off hours, and go to work hung over, they can still test clear for enough alcohol to be considered legal impairment. Testing methods for actual THC impairment are anything but accurate, as they only detect the presence of degraded metabolites in the system.

Since cannabis stays in the system far longer than any other substance, legal or otherwise, one can be fired for testing positive weeks, or even months after use. Medical use makes the issue even stickier, as more than one card carrying patient has learned the hard way.

The practice of…

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