Tommy Chong has officially created a video for an endorsement for the next POTUS. Yes, that’s right. Tommy is feeling the Bern and has endorsed Bernie Sanders.

The Political Landscape

Tommy begins by comparing the politicians in this year’s race to a selection of plants with different attributes.

“The political season is beginning to heat up and the sun’s coming out and all our plants are beginning to bud. So the question is, which one of these plants are ready to harvest? There is one candidate that stands head and shoulders over them all. One who has weathered many storms and is totally ready to be the commander in chief. Or the commander is kush as I like to say.”

Tommy then starts talking about Bernie Sanders’ fair policies on “legalizing” multiple policies.


Tommy begins listing all of the other important policies that Bernie is promoting like fair immigration policy, living wages, and universal equality. He leaves his favorite policy for…