Too High? How To Sober up from Today’s Potent Strains


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I can only assume the reason you’ve clicked on this blog is that you’re currently too high, or have at least experienced the rather unpleasant sensation that comes with overindulging on today’s potent marijuana products; causing heart palpitations, paranoia, panic attacks, disorientation, and an unrelenting fear of the unknown.

Regardless of what sparked your curiosity on how to kill a runaway high – potent weed, overly effective dabs, or some innocent-looking edibles that knocked your belief in reality for a loop. There are a few practical ways to snuff out any future high that may get out of control. Below are just some of the many different techniques and suggestions to shake off the paranoia and sober up from marijuana’s THC induced high.

Consider the length of your high: First and foremost, understand what you’re signing up for before you eat, drink, smoke or vape those tasty cannabinoid-laced products. Because, dependent on your tolerance level, the high from Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) can last for approximately three hours, with its peak effect hitting between five minutes to 30 minutes after consumption. Unless of course, you’ve consumed edibles, which tend to take longer to take effect and provide an elevated state of mind for up to six hours.

With summertime in full effect and Independence Day just around the corner, some potential for a little over indulgence exists. As such, this seemed like a good time to run down a quick list of “5 Ways to Sober up from Today’s Potent Strains.

Recite your favorite mantra, light some incense, put on some peaceful music – do whatever, but just relax. Remember, you only smoked/consumed a little THC (or maybe a lot, check the label). But understand this, the only way things can go truly sideways is if you step out that door — and even worse, get in a car. So find your “Happy Place,” and take long controlled breaths. Know your racing heart, sweaty palms and penetrating anxiety will pass shortly. When it’s happened to me in the past, and that’s been more than once, I‘ve tried to concentrate on positive thoughts. After grabbing a glass of water and heading out onto the back deck, I puzzle at our role in the universe – and the occasional crappy golfer. After an hour or two of that, I find my mental compass has been reset, and I’m back on course. Be patient. Stay put. Think positive thoughts. And you’ll be okay.

2.  THC Drops Blood Sugar –  

So, eat to elevate it. Through scientific research, we understand that marijuana’s active compounds play a role in reducing blood sugar in humans. And while that’s beneficial for anyone struggling with type II diabetes, it should put on notice those susceptible to wild swings in their blood sugar level. If you’re feeling lightheaded or dizzy … eat. For those moments of confusion and dizziness caused by low blood sugar, UCSF Medical Center suggests treating low blood sugar with readily accessible carbohydrates such as candies or other sweets, fruit juices, and unprocessed fruits. Caveat: Not all food is equal. Make sure to avoid those tasty treats that contain both protein and fat. That includes every stoner’s favorite snacks; high-end chocolate, old-school candy bars, Häagen-Dazs ice cream, most processed cookies, your favorite crackers and of course, bread of types. All of these fatty foods fail to raise blood sugar fast enough to bring rapid relief.

3. Burn off that high off with exercise –

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Provided you’re not too elevated to leave the house, go surf, swim, jog, or bike; just get off your assets and out the door.  One of the best ways to beat back an overly active high is to get moving. If you’re fortunate enough to live near the beach, put on a wetsuit or surf trunks and paddle out for a quick shesh, or just float around and enjoy nature. Too far from the beach? Try heading out for a walk on your local hiking trails or heading to the nearest gym for a quick workout. It’s relatively common for newbie consumers to feel tired, dizzy, and anxious after they smoke, dab, or consumer edibles the first time. But with a little pulse pumping exercise the high will quickly dissipate, signaling the end of your challenging experience with THC.

4. Controlled breathing –

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Breathe deep and focus on positive thoughts while controlling your mental perspective. Remain calm. And remember, you’re just high, it should wear off in the next hour or so.

Understanding it’s nearly impossible to put the proverbial genie back in the bottle once the deed is done; if all else fails, hit the buzzkill shower, then call for a “4:20 time out” and sleep that high off. 

Oh yeah, the next time it’s your turn to hit the pipe, grind an edible or rip the rig, remember to pace yourself.

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