Top 10 Amazing Things To Do When You’re High


4. Writing

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Whether goofy children’s books or serious sci-fi, you might be surprised how many authors look to weed as a muse. Don’t worry about it being “good” just go with the flow. Poetry, comics, short stories, political rants, pick something that sparks your interest and let your creative juices flow. Hey, you might even decide to write an article for some really awesome magazine or website that ends up getting published (wink, wink)?

5. Make music

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Music becomes something so much more when you are tuned in and turned on. Whether you are just grooving out with headphones to your favorite playlist or feeling the bass thump as you dance in your living room to your stereo, music soothes the savage beast.

My suggestion: See live music, especially a symphony or orchestra. Listening to the strings tear at the very fabric of your soul, or an opera singer pouring her heart out in a language you don’t understand, but still do deep down, it can give you chills. If you don’t have those…

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