Top 10 Edible Pipes: Smoke Then Eat The Evidence


4. Pumpkin

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It doesn’t have to be sweet either. Gourds are perfect for constructing larger smoking pieces, both due to sturdiness and size. Plus around Halloween, you have the perfect excuse for carving up pumpkins and staying up late.

5. Pepper

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Peppers are actually great for making bubblers from, because they hold the moisture, and have a natural hollow cavity that saves the effort of having to hollow it out yourself. If you plan on eating the evidence, you might want to make sure you stick within the “less than molten lava hot” range. Then again, that could be a stoner challenge of the future… Smoke out of and eat a hot pepper!

6. Mixed fruit salad


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Why not go all out, mixing different fruits and veggies to get the healthiest smoking experience around? This huge creation borders on extremism! But it would look great at a wedding!

7. Baguette

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If you are watching your carbs, you might want to stick to fruit, but if a sandwich is what you really crave, why not smoke…

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