Touch Of Glass #18: Crystal Visions



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Carnelian usually appears as a mix of orange, red, and brown. In ancient Egypt, it was worn on the hand to still anger, jealousy, envy, and hatred in others. It promotes self-confidence, and dispels depression. Great for when you will be speaking in front of people, especially when associated with the neck or throat, or in this case, your lungs.

In the Renaissance period, it was often engraved with a sword or warrior image and kept in the home to ward against lightning and storms. Touching the skin, it is said to ward off insanity, stimulate sexual impulses, and strengthen astral vision. In general, this is a stone for strength and calm, so use this glass bong to protect your home, health, and sanity!

Crystal quartz

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Did you know there is an underwater cave system in Mexico with quartz spires bigger than telephone poles? Wow! This amazing crystal was used by North American Indians in rituals and ceremonial wands. Cherokee shamans kept it wrapped in buckskin when not in use, and…

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