Touch Of Glass #26: Fear Ye The Monsters!


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Our parents raised us on tales of things that went bump in the night. We grew up with scary stories of creatures creepy and crawly. Some monsters come from above the skies, some from below the sea. Others hide in plain sight or forests far away from us. Boogeymen even lurk under the bed or in the closet, so we grew up believing. Those fantastical fears stick with us as we grow older, and turn from fright to wonder. People search for Bigfoot, swim with sharks and scan the skies. Hey, we even make bongs. That’s right, this week we take a look at Touch of Glass: Fear Ye The Monsters!


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This creature roams the forests at night, slashing guerrilla grows to the ground. It leaves no trace of bud in its wake. Its penetrating gaze can turn men to stone, but if that fails, it can emit a vapor that does the same. Beware the Ganja-cabra.

Mind siphon

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This otherworldly being feeds on the positive energies of humans. First, it lures their curiosity with a harmless appearance. Then it…

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