Treats, Not Tricks: 13 Edibles For A Ghoulishly Good ‘Halloweed’


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This Halloweed, why not leave the kids candy stash alone and head for a more adult treat instead? As the edibles market continues to grow, there are some old-time favorites that have been elevated and enhanced to give users just the buzz they’ve been looking for. From peanut butter cups to taffy, there’s something for the kid in all of us on this list. Try not to over-indulge, as you work through these 13 devilish delights.

1. Altai Sea Salt Caramel Bon Bons

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Who wouldn’t love these sweet bonbons? The swirled colors are so enticing, it can be hard to stop yourself from eating the entire box. With 25mg of sativa concentrates in each bonbon, these treats are definitely going to go quickly. This candy might become the new excuse for those housewives who supposedly “sit on the couch, eating bonbons all day.”

2. Hashman Dark Chocolate 420 Cherry Bomb

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If delicious, dark chocolate is what you’re in the mood for, look no further than this extremely potent Hashman 420 Cherry Bomb. The entire bar contains an astounding 420mg of THC, with “pot” pop rocks built-in for added texture. With 10 servings per bar, each serving contains 42mg of THC that will leave users feeling all kinds of amazing.

3. Kief Krispy

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Forget the Rice Crispy, this Kief Krispy delivers all the marshmallow goodness an adult could want, plus the 150mg of THC will boost eaters’ sky high. This delectable morsel took a unanimous first place at the Michigan Cannabis Cup, becoming the judges’ favorite due to its high potency and delicious cinnamon flavor.

4. Voodoo Sours Gummy Ribbons

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Everyone loves gummies and these sour ribbons are no exception. With 375mg of THC, these are not for the faint-hearted. Just as the packaging suggests, users will be feeling like a zombie in no time, after consuming just a few pieces. Another positive is this product is available in a wide variety of flavors, including watermelon, rainbow, chili mango, raspberry, and strawberry.

5. Captain Kirk’s Truffle Tropicales

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These high-potency truffles contain 60.15mg of THC and 32.08mg of THCa in every bite. Aside from delivering an astronomical high, the fruity candy is also gluten-free, organic and free of refined sugars. This would be a great treat for the health-conscious cannabis consumer who still wants to partake in the uplifting holiday festivities.

6. Om Edibles Peanut Butter & Puffed Rice Truffles

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These adult peanut butter cups will satisfy the kid inside all of us, while still appealing to our higher senses. The organic, vegan, gluten-free candies contain 175mg of THC per truffle. Before indulging in these delicious treats, maybe take one out and hide the package, as we all know how easy it is to make an entire bag on non-medicated peanut butter cups disappear in an instant.

7. Medicated Gummy Leaf

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There’s no need to worry about getting these medicated leafs confused with your child’s gummy bears. The unique shape alerts users to the ingredients and prepares eaters for what lies beneath. Each pack of 12 gummies contains 125 mg of shatter. In case you’re wondering what that is per gummy, it’s about 14.25mg of THC each.

8. Girl Scout Cookie Lollipop

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This lemon/lime lollipop is extra potent, with 250mg of cannabis oil infused into each sucker. Even more exciting, the oil comes from the highly sought out Girl Scout Cookies strain, used to make the infamous moon rocks. These will surely be a huge hit at any Halloweed party, as users will simply begin to feel the relaxing effects shortly after they indulge.

9. Mellows Handcrafted Marshmallows

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How can you turn down a handmade marshmallow? You can’t. The sticky, sweet treat is an old-timey candy that will users feeling more than a sense of nostalgia. These low-dose edibles contain just 5mg of THC per mallow and come in a box of 12 for a total of 60mg per box.

10 Incredibles’ Peanut Budda Buddha

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White chocolate, peanut butter, and pretzels come together to form this unique candy bar. Combined with 200mg of hash oil, this candy offers an exquisite texture and taste that all candy, and cannabis, connoisseurs will enjoy. However, unless you really want to be lifted into nirvana, try not to consume the entire bar in one sitting.

11. Kandy Care Cannabis Cotton Candy

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Despite being everyone’s favorite candy, this cottony treat contains 55mg of high-quality cannabis extracts. Also, many of the reviews note that it doesn’t have that “cannabis taste” some edibles can carry. Next time you’re planning a trip to Disney Land or any amusement park, make sure to pack some of this away for the adults. It will surely elevate the experience to new heights.

12. WeBe Wizzie Stix

12 edible recipes for ghoulishly good halloween Treats, Not Tricks: 13 Edibles For A Ghoulishly Good Halloweed
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We all dumped those familiar sugar sticks down our throats as children, in an attempt to get the much-needed sugar rush to continue on Trick-or-Treating throughout the night. As adults, we might need the same boost of energy, but with an added ingredient to kick the high up to a new level, if we want to pass out candy all night. These Wizzie Stix contain 50mg of THC and 25mg of CBD per stick, giving them the perfect balance of calming and uplifting effects.

13. Happy Couch Taffy

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Taffy is another classic candy that is making a strong comeback, thanks in part to the world of cannabis edibles. This stretchy candy is easily accepting of the cannabis oils and concentrates, used to create the potent experience. Happy Couch Taffy contains 70mg of indica THC and will leave users, just as the name suggests, feeling happy, as they relax and kick back on the couch. This would be the perfect treat to indulge in after the Trick-or-Treaters have all gone home, while curling up to watch one final scary movie to end the Halloweed festivities.

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