Turns Out The AAA Blood Tests For Cannabis Drivers Are Unscientific


A new study has concluded that state tests of the impairment of drivers who have smoked cannabis do not have any scientific basis.

The Results

The study, released on May 10 by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Study,  found that people exhibiting high levels of THC –the component in cannabis that induces the psychoactive effects commonly associated with the substance– were often found to nonetheless be capable drivers. The opposite also proved true, with individuals with low levels of THC exhibiting impaired driving skills.

Thus, the study concluded, cannabis consumption affects different drivers in different ways, rendering the current testing for cannabis levels in drivers to be all but futile. This is in marked contrast to the testing of a driver’s blood-alcohol level, which provides a reasonable indicator of that driver’s capacity to drive.

“It’s an attempt to try to do an apples-to-apples comparison with blood alcohol concentration. They found out that these things can’t really be…

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