Virginia Gov Caught Smiling Suspiciously Close to Willie Nelson’s Weed

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Over the weekend, the state of Virginia played host to the 31st annual Farm Aid charity concert, an event that has grown exponentially in size and scope from the time of its inception 31 years ago. Since Willie Nelson, Neil Young and John Mellencamp founded Farm Aid in 1985, the benefit concert has raised over $50 million to help farmers keep their land in the family. Considering that Farm Aid was returning to Virginia for the first time in 16 years with a stacked musical lineup, it was no surprise that the Commonwealth’s elite descended upon the monumental concert.

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe decided to make an appearance at Farm Aid, possibly out of sheer mutual fundraising respect. McAuliffe is known for his ability to squeeze every last penny out of donors, especially when a Clinton is running for office. Knowing what we know of the Governor, it makes complete sense that McAuliffe would be at the behemoth of a benefit in his backyard.

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However, Governor McAuliffe apparently had his heart set on a different shade of green while attending Farm Aid. Using the guise of “thanking the performers,” the Governor made his rounds backstage looking for the ultimate jackpot.

It seems schmoozing sessions with various celebrities backstage were mere blockades on the way to the bud as McAuliffe made his way to the main attraction — Farm Aid 2016 headliner Willie Nelson.

Once on Willie’s trailer, that’s where all of the alleged fun started. By fun, we mean two adults definitely not hotboxing a tour bus together in the name of helping people help people. If you use your go-go-gadget magnifying glass on the bottom right quadrant of the photo in question, you’ll notice a very interesting piece of evidence. Zoom in and feast your eyes on what seems to be about a quarter-ounce of the full Nelson experience.

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Courtesy of Twitter

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While the Willie’s Reserve collection is both perfectly legal and available for sale in the fine states of Washington and Colorado, it’s actually just as legal as kids trick-or-treating on Halloween in Virginia — not legal at all.

Willie’s wife Annie Nelson posted the incriminating photo of Governor McAuliffe to her Twitter with the caption: “UH-OH Trouble!”

McAuliffe’s spokesman Brian Coy is trying desperately to diffuse the matter, adding that the Governor spent just ten minutes with Nelson, “had no idea” what was on the trailer, and has “never touched a drug in his life.”

“He was not and still is not aware of whatever was on the table or anywhere around him and wouldn’t know marijuana or related paraphernalia if it walked up and shook his hand,” Coy said. “He’s cool, but he’s not that cool.”

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Your secret is safe with us, Governor McAuliffe.

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