Washington D.C. Celebrated 420 In Style & Continues To Refine Cannabis Laws

 Hundreds of advocates for marijuana legalization rally and smoke pot outside the White House in Washington, D.C.  on April 02, 2016. 
(Photo by Marvin Joseph/The Washington Post)

The party, sponsored by the DC-based artists collective One Love Massive, attracted a crowd estimated to be well over 1,000 and featured graffiti artists, glass blowers, and multiple musical artists performing on different stages.

One Love Massive


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“There are so many people coming together. Today is a great opportunity, an example, of how you can bring a whole lot of different people, who all have the same sense of mind and heart, and you can put them someplace together and they can have a great time.” – Molly Ruland, One Love Massive’s founder

The issue of cannabis is one that is personal for Ruland: She was born with congenital birth defects and was told that she would not live past the age of 20. However, after years of living with the pain of her condition, she found medical cannabis and says that it relieved her of a great deal of suffering. “I’ve been in and out of surgeries and hospitals my entire life, and I live in chronic pain. So to me, medical marijuana is a very serious…

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