Watch: How To Carve Up A Juicy Watermelon SteamRoller

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Master Bong is back at it with another great idea for smoking in a group. With a limited amount of supplies needed, at a generally low cost, this smoking method will spice things up in your smoking circle! Check out the video for a full tutorial and to see the Watermelon SteamRoller in action. 


Although a very limited list, certain materials are important to achieve an efficient and effective SteamRoller.

  • Long and sharp knife
  • Small-medium sized watermelon
  • A tool long enough to pierce a watermelon through the middle
  • Grinder
  • Blunt or rolling papers
  • Of course, you’ll need some HERB

How it works

The SteamRoller is basically a large pipe that can be constructed for however many people and joints that you have. Master Bong used 4 joints during his session, and it seemed to be a pretty effective hit. Obviously having under 3 joints in the watermelon would be kind of pointless, but the SteamRoller is more of a novelty item that can be made during larger meet-ups or parties.

As you inhale, the…

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