Watch: How To Make A Starburst Pipe


With just a screwdriver and a pack of your favourite starbursts, you can be taking sweet hits of your favourite herb! This video from Kooper Salmo shows how easy it is for anyone finding themselves without a way to smoke, who also want to avoid the classic soda can or apple pipe, to make a starburst pipe.


The most important variable when constructing your own pipe has to be airflow. Too much and your smoke could leak and get wasted, and having too little will make inhaling much too strenuous. A good tip as mention in the video is to double check your holes to make sure they are efficient. As long as you can see through to the end of the pipe, the airflow should be perfect. The screwdriver is the perfect thickness to provide a quality chamber and should result in great rips.

People who have mastered the starburst pipe say that to get the candy to be nice and flexible like clay or wax, you can put the pack of starbursts into a microwave safe bowl and zap for 5-10 seconds to soften up the…

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