Watch: Smoke A Bread Baguette Pipe, The New Way To Enjoy Brunch

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You might be saying to yourself: It’s the perfect warm day for a nice brunch, how about some espresso, some cubed cheese, a yogurt parfait, and a baguette on this lovely Tuscan veranda… well, anything is possible. If you find yourself in the mood for a creative way to enjoy the herb aperitif with your coffee, why not try smoking out of a bread baguette pipe?

Step 1: Coring it out

This is a matter of finding a tool, like chopsticks or a spoon handle, that is longer than your loaf of bread. Start out with a thinner tool, then continue coring with thicker diameters until you have a good path for the smoke. You want to do this gradually, otherwise, you can ruin the structure of the bread.

Step 2: Bowl hole

With scissors or a knife, the next step is to cut out the intake hole. Because of the stiffness of the crust, a sharp object is necessary.

Step 3: Poke in that joint

Just push your joint firmly into the hole, or your bowl stem if that is what you are using. With a joint, you will want a smooth hole through…

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