Watch: Why The World Should Be Fighting For Medical Marijuana Legalization


This fantastic documentary is a must watch both for enthusiasts and those wanting to learn the truth about why we should all be fighting for medical marijuana legalization.

“It’s truly amazing the number of conditions that respond favorably to cannabis. We’re looking at an unexcelled wonder plant, an herbal medicine that has no comparison. It would appear that cannabis and hemp were one of the first plants grown in agriculture.” 

Doctors and experts come forward

“Every ten years or so, our government has sponsored another look into marijuana as medicine. The last one actually now being in 1999 when the Institute of Medicine did it. Every ten years, these august bodies come up with the same conclusion, that there is medicinal value to marijuana and its adverse effects and addictive potential and “gateway drugness” are overstated, and for some reason every ten years these reports go… I don’t know if they are ignored, but they certainly don’t seem to change policy.” – Dr. Donald…

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