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We All Want To Stay In This Cannabis Hotel!


Originally written by Brittney Sanger for The Stoners Cookbook

The Spanish police have revealed hundreds of pot plants in a vacant hotel located on the Mediterranean coast. Four people were arrested for being a part of this operation. If hundreds of marijuana plants doesn’t sound like a lot of weed, try picturing three floors covered with it. That’s a whole lot of weed!

Hotel marijuana

hotel marijuana hero We All Want To Stay In This Cannabis Hotel!

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Officers ran through the hotel in the town of Pineda de Mar, approximately 40 miles north of Barcelona, on Wednesday and found quite a big stash of marijuana plants that were in various stages of growth that covered three of the five floors of the hotel, according to the police. Can you imagine, walking into a hotel with three whole floors of marijuana? It had to of been a nice view, to say the least.

“The group was preparing other rooms on other floors to increase the area of cultivation”

Cops arrested two Russian women, ages 27 and 40, and two Spanish men, aged 34 and 63, from the close by towns of Blanes and Lloret de Mar. They were arrested on…

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