We All Want To Visit Colorado Cannabis Clubs


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Denver may become the first populous city in America to allow for the creation of cannabis clubs, in an effort to solve the burgeoning problem of city residents illicitly using the substance in public places.

What’s driving the need for cannabis clubs?

Colorado legalized the recreational use of cannabis in 2014. The measure that passed via ballot initiative permitted the creation of growers and retailers of recreational cannabis. While it did not expressly forbid the open and public use of cannabis, it also did not explicitly allow for it.

The state’s cities and towns have thus adopted a constellation of different regulations regarding the public consumption of cannabis. This has led to many areas in which public consumption rules are strictly enforced. In 2014 alone, police issued nearly 800 citations across the state for the public consumption of cannabis.

Cannabis activists are now gathering signatures to place an initiative on the November ballot that would allow residents of Denver to…

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