We Found the Nerdy Stoner Nirvana


One of the best things about the cannabis community is that it is made up and embraces all walks of life. Weed culture used to be stereotyped by the lazy stoner that loved vegging out and eating junk food, but nowadays you’re seeing people enjoying weed from all walks of life that, deconstructing every preconceived stoner classification out there. There’s the corporate stoner, the girly stoner, the bro stoner, the baby-boomer stoner and -one category that we think most smokers belong to- the nerdy stoner. No longer is it uncool to smoke weed and play video games. This stoner is as obsessive about their sci-fi as they are about their smoking contraption. They do their research on strains and only get the best weed, and are fans of functional, high quality devices with an inclination for the futuristic. If you fall into this category, there’s nothing quite like getting baked and sitting down to analyze The Empire Strikes Back for the 420th time. Or maybe you like to take a couple bong rips and enjoy a Futurama marathon? Well if you’re one of these kind of stoners, head over to DankGeek.com and try not to totally freak out.


Dank Geek is a virtual nirvana for the geek-chic stoner who wants their devices and accessories to have as much personality and uniqueness as they do. Think you’ve seen it all? I bet you haven’t browsed Mario themed stash jars, Dragon Ball Z dab rigs and Tim Burton-esque glass pipes. Every page you click through plunges you deeper and deeper into an amazingly crafted world of fantasy and nerdom, with a little something for everyone. Some of their intricate decorative glass pieces are perfect for smokers who love a good display piece for their mantle or coffee table, but for those seeking something more subtle, there’s an incredible inventory of sleek and highly functional designs as well, such as the Upline Water Pipe from Grav Labs.

Dank Geek is very carefully curated, ensuring their customers are getting the best bang for their buck, they even have under $100 options for the stoned girl or guy on a budget, and don’t miss the sale section either.  Every online purchase comes with super fast shipping, which is always complementary, and be sure to look for some surprise goodies in your order. They ship from New Jersey, and you can usually expect your package to arrive discreetly boxed in 2-4 business days depending on your location.


Also noteworthy is their Rest in Piece program, no longer do you need to cry, scream or rage over a broken piece. DankGeek is to the the rescue, offering a discount to find your new favorite device, even if you’ve broken an old one you didn’t buy from them! All you need to do is take photo of your broken piece and include a note that says “help me Dank Geek” and they will email you with a personal code for your discount. If you’re looking for your next one-of-a-kind smoking device or glass, look no further than DankGeek.com.

Written by Jessy Moore for Stoned Insider


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