We Know He’s Always Lifted, But Who Keeps Snoop High?


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We all know The Dogg Father is king of the cannabis world, enjoying some of the finest strains this planet has to offer. Have you ever stopped to wonder how exactly he gets such top-notch product? Sure, it would be easy to chalk it up to the fact that he’s Snoop and can have anything he wants, but the real answer is much, much more interesting. Dr Dina aka the Real Nancy Botwin keeps Snoop, as well as many other A-list celebrities, in an elevated mindset by dispensing the finest cannabis in California.

Starting young

A 20-year relationship with one of the world’s top rappers doesn’t come easily, but Dr. Dina and Snoop Dogg have become so close over the years that he trusts no one else with his cannabis needs. The two met when Dr. Dina was just a teenager, and she had no idea who he was.

But after multiple encounters over the years and Dr. Dina’s thriving entrepreneurship’s, Snoop knew he needed this cannabis queen on his side.

While hanging out with some friends and enjoying a beautiful…

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