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Weed Infused Salmon is a Real Thing


Denver, Colorado, where almost everyone is currently trying to find a way to infuse everything we eat with weed. And we now have another culinary delight we can check off the list: salmon.

Sliced thin with flecks of dill peeking out, the salmon looks like any other of gravlax you would have for brunch. But put it on a bagel with a schmear of cream cheese, and you will get pretty stoned eating this delicacy.

The mastermind behind the THC-infused salmon – cured in salt, dill, lemon, sugar and a weed tincture – is Josh Pollack, owner of Rosenberg’s Bagels and Delicatessen in Denver.

“I love bagels and lox, and I love cannabis,” Pollack said.

That’s right, your morning bagel just got a little bit more fun thanks to Pollack.  “I’ve always been food obsessed,” Pollack said. “Bagels and lox has always been a comfort food.”

The idea to infuse salmon with a weed tincture came about as a “fun little thing to do” for the 4/20 “stoner holiday”, as Pollack called it.

“It puts two things that people really love together,” he said. “That’s why I did it. There were people freaking out when they heard about it.”

First he makes a tincture by soaking weed in strong alcohol, straining it out and cooking the alcohol out of the remaining green liquid without activating the THC. Then, he adds the tincture to the recipe used for the cure recipe the delicatessen uses on all gravlax – a mixture of spices and a little bit of alcohol that acts as a retaining agent.

The salmon dries in the fridge for 72 hours to let the flavor disperse throughout the flesh and form a hard outer shell, and is then topped with lemon and dill.

“With this application, it goes really well to appropriately mask the flavor of the cannabis,” Pollack said.

You can’t yet buy Pollack’s creation, as he is still perfecting his process and of course marijuana edibles can’t just be sold in a bagel shop, but he’s hoping to start selling it for special orders soon.

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