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Weed Legalization 2016: Nebraska Forms New Political Party


Originally Written by Christopher Teague for The Stoners Cookbook

The people of Nebraska are getting fed up with their elected officials. While most states are trying to go the route of a ballot initiative to legalize marijuana, the people of Nebraska have realized they aren’t being represented by their lawmakers. Now they are forming a political party to get the right people in office to legalize medical marijuana.



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You may remember Nebraska being in the news recently as being so anti-cannabis that it was actually suing Colorado for allowing it there. Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson is against legalization of any form. The problem is that that is not the will of the people. The newly formed group, Legal Marijuana Now Nebraska, is gathering 6,500 needed signatures by the Aug. 1 deadline to support its effort for legalized medical marijuana use and hemp production.

“We are forming the party, so that people recognize that we are looking to change something here in our state,” organizer Zach Boiko said. “The right thing is getting…

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