Have you ever wondered what $20 worth of weed looks like in Jamaica? It sure is more bang for your buck than you could expect in most other parts of the world, and for what looks like some pretty quality weed.

This video is an exploration of Jamaican weed and just how much you can score for as little as $20.

Quarter bag for $20

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Where in most parts of the world one could expect $20 to get them a small bag of skunk, Jamaica is quite the opposite. In Jamaica, for $20 you can buy what looks like a pretty decent quarter ounce of some fine looking weed. The bag in the video shows some pretty luscious buds on some dark black and purple stems, which is good coloration for weed stems. The buds are also covered in exactly the kinds of little resinous crystals that you’re looking for in some strong weed.

Tourists beware!

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In this video the locals are describing the taste of this weed as that of smooth peanut butter. Their smoking apparatus varies from…