What Big Secret Are The FDA & DEA Keeping From The Public?


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The days are counting down until the DEA finalizes its decision. Will they move cannabis from its Schedule I limbo? The FDA gave their recommendation on the matter as far back as September of last year. What they said, however, remains a secret.

A long road behind us

From the moment Nixon placed cannabis in the same category as heroin, against the advice of his own medical panel, people have fought for justice. Petitions have circulated, but the DEA has managed to ignore, dismiss, avoid, delay, and shut down everyone for the past 45 years.

As over half the nation has legalized medical use, and a handful of states have legalized adult use, our majority opinion has slowly tipped. Now, 61% of Americans support full legalization and 81% support at least full medical use. The sway of public sentiment has driven the issue into the spotlight, and it has made its mark in political debate and election.

Even the American Medical Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics have both cried for the DEA…

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