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What Exactly Is Unconstitutional About Plans To Limit THC?


A crusade to educate

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Lakewood High School principal Ron Castagna, is a retired principal in Colorado who says he witnessed students concealing their pot use with vaporizers. He was quoted in The Pueblo Chieftain as saying, “Parents say they want more apples and kiwi on lunch trays and no more burritos and pizza because they are worried about obesity. But are you kidding? They should be more worried about this (marijuana)… We need to get the word out about this and we need to fight back.” Other proponents are Republican state Rep. Kathleen Conti and a group called Smart Colorado, focusing on Colorado youths and cannabis commercialization.

Those opposed to the initiative


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Mark Slaugh is a Marijuana industry compliance professional, CEO of iCOmply and the executive director of the Cannabis Business Alliance. He considers the THC limit “unconstitutional” and said a cap would send people to the black market. In an article in The Cannabist called “Is Colorado pot too potent?”

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