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We at Stoned Media Group recently had the pleasure of attending the 420 Rally at Civic Center Park in Denver, Colorado.  If you were there, you probably got a FREE 2017 Stoned Girls calendar from one of our fabulous staff members.  If you didn’t get a calendar, or couldn’t make it to the rally, you can pick yours up here!  Anyway, if you were at the rally, you probably saw our crew walking around filming and conducting interviews.  If you weren’t don’t worry, we’ve got all of the footage below for you to check out.  It will be like you were there in spirit!


What we saw


While the official 420 Rally hosted by MassRoots is postponed until May 21st, people still showed up in support of legalization at Civic Center Park on 4/20, and it was a blast.  We saw all sorts of people:  some with giant flag capes that they made, a bongo player or two, couples out for a date, smoking hot stoned girls, and a ton of Snapchatters.  

DSC_0028 (1)

There were people showing off their smoke tricks, people who called out of work, and people who were providing free entertainment with hula hoops and ball tricks.  We got to the Rally around 2pm, and people were already filling out the park.  But, by about 3:45, it was packed, and everyone was ready for 4:20 to hit.  For those of you who don’t know, 4:20 on 4/20 is the most magical minute of the year.


Who we talked to

We had the pleasure of interviewing some crowd members before 4:20 struck, and, quite frankly, it was a blast.  We asked anything from whether or not they had to call out of work to attend the rally, to how they felt about legalization, to their favorite stoned sex position.  


The best questions, however, were our Pot Quiz questions.  We asked random crowd members questions like, “Did you hear about President Obama smoking weed with the Canadian Prime Minister?” and let the magic happen.  Remarkably, everyone bowled over the question as if it was old news.


You can watch all of the hilarious interview footage below, and we hope you enjoy.  

4:20 on 4/20:  The Magic Minute

The crowd all gathered in the middle of the amphitheater right around 4pm.  You could literally feel the excitement and anticipation.  And, if you didn’t happen to have weed (faux pas), it didn’t matter because you were probably going to get a contact high from all of the smoke filling the air.  


When 4:20 hit, giant smoke clouds filled the air, people were cheering, and various men with megaphones were making inspirational announcements.  


After about 10 minutes, people slowly dissipated, breaking off into their own groups to enjoy the rest of their high and their special day.  The beautiful thing about this year is that, if you couldn’t make it on 4/20, the official Rally is rescheduled for May 21st.  So, if you’ve got yourself a giant case of FOMO, book your ticket to Denver right now for the upcoming celebration.  We have no doubt it will be just as good as the first.  

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