What Happened The Day Alaska Joined The Recreational Revolution


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Regulators in Alaska on Thursday approved the state’s first licenses for the legal growth and testing of cannabis, marking another monumental day for the state’s burgeoning cannabis industry.

The licenses

Testing and growth operations were given higher priority by the Marijuana Control Board (MCB) –located in the state’s capital of Anchorage– to ensure that retail outlets will not be short on products when the time comes. (Just how much will be needed has yet to be determined.)

The very first application to be met with approval was the cannabis testing facility CannTest LLC, also located in Anchorage. Approval of the application garnered applause within the room.

As the audience in the room cheered, MCB member Brandon Emmett voiced his support.

Alaska has officially pounded another nail of 80 years of prohibition in the United States.

According to CannTest CEO Mark Malagodi, while the awarding of the license is an honor, there remains work still to be done.

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