What Happens When You Combine Cannabis & Acupuncture?


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Most, if not all, of modern medicines, grew their roots quite literally from early botany. Though the practice of using herbs and tinctures for healing today meets with skepticism and wry grins from Western culture, but this was not always so. For millennia, the “ancient Chinese secrets” of holistic medicine were regarded as highly advanced. Now, with essential oils, the advances in scientific studies of the body, and cannabis, they have regained their validity.

Chinese medicine and cannabis

Cannabis is known as “Ma,” in Chinese, meaning “help, cannabis, & numbness.” To understand just how far back the medical history of cannabis in China goes, here are just a handful of references.

  • Approx 2,737 BCE: Tales of the Red Emperor Shen Nung state that he introduced the plant along with many others into medical use. He is considered the ‘patron’ of all herbalists and apothecaries
  • Approx 2698-2205 BCE: Yellow Emperor Huang Ti supposedly invented acupuncture needles, and wrote the Nei…
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