What Happens When Your Partner Takes A Cannabis Break & You Don’t


Having a partner with similar interests is important in creating a solid foundation for marriage. While differences make a relationship exciting, there needs to be some common ground and agreement on basic fundamentals. Cannabis use is an area where like-minded thinking is a must. It would be hard to imagine being with someone who doesn’t share the love of herb.

Recently, my husband has been on a cannabis break, something we have only gone through once together and very early in our relationship and I could still leave whenever I wanted. Now, we’re married and there is no denying his lack of use, or my continued use, is bringing about some new challenges.

The third-wheel

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Cannabis has always been a part of my relationships. From dating to serious relationships, to marriage, all the men in my life have shared one thing: a deep appreciation for herb. The arguments and disapproving glances from someone who didn’t share my passion for cannabis were more than I would tolerate.

A study conducted…

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