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What Is Live Resin & What’s The Best Way To Use It?


Some of the newest and safest means of cannabis administration are methods of smoking cannabis extracts, or concentrates. These include dabs, waxes, glass, shatter, pressed hashes, budders, and any other types of BHO or CO2 extracted concentrate forms of the plant. But now, a new method is being seen to provide the highest in trichome content, loaded with cannabinoids and flavorful terpenes, to insure the best medicine and stone available. So what exactly is Live Resin?

Live Resin

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In order to get Live Resin, a freshly harvested cannabis plant is immediately flash frozen. Currently, this is only being done in scientific laboratories with specialized equipment where the plant is cryogenically frozen. This process of plant freezing captures the living plant resin, rendering the fullest potencies of the plants cannabinoids and terpene content.

By cryogenic freezing of the plant, its medical efficacy is captured in its fullest, delivering the best of its aromas, flavors, and potency. Because…

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