What Microsoft Entering Cannabis Really Means


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We’ve all heard the supposed “big news”, Microsoft has decided to enter the cannabis industry by announcing a partnership with Kind Financial. Kind Financial owns Agrisoft, one of many software companies in a competitive seed-to-sale category. Early details on the partnership are scarce, but here is what we know and can assume.

What impact will it have on the budding cannabis industry?

The partnership likely means that Microsoft will be supporting Kind Financial through both brand and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), more commonly known as Microsoft’s Azure service. For the non-technical folks, IaaS refers to leveraging third-party infrastructure like servers and storage to power your software.

Instead of purchasing your own equipment and supporting the infrastructure, which can get very costly very quickly, most software providers will offload that part of the business to a third party that operates at scale, so they can focus on their core competency – writing quality software.

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