What To Do If You’re Suffering From A 420 Herb Hangover


In the haze of 4/21, and knowing how much you may have smoked or eaten yesterday, you’re probably wondering if there is such a thing as a herb-hangover. We’re all familiar with the terrible feelings associated with the morning after a night of heavy drinking, but what about the feelings after a night of heavy smoking? Most of us would probably say we wake up calm and refreshed, however for some that isn’t always true. Marijuana hangovers have often been a topic of speculation, with few thinking it could be a real diagnosis.

Limited research has been done to gain more information on the topic, but scientists seem to agree: cannabis can cause a hangover. Many heavy users are probably in disbelief, chalking the symptoms of a marijuana hangover up to low tolerance or bad quality herb, but the reality is there is a very particular sequence of events that must ensue in order to experience the cannabis blues.

How could this happen?

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Just like with an alcohol hangover, cannabis hangovers come from…

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