What’s Your Favorite Slang Word for a Joint?


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Written by Nicolle Callier
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We asked Instagram users, “What’s your favorite slang word for a joint?” With over 200 comments, the answers varied from anticipated responses to unusual ones some of us had never even heard before.

Check out below to see people’s favorite slang word for a joint:

Traditional References
An old fashion – jonwithno_h
J – efram_
L – danchefski
Spliff – bluperryy

Celebrity References

Madonna – pablo_ysl01
Bob Marley – malibu_jillz_03
Jayson Derulo – strynk20
Ziggy – pinguinocancino

Size Dependent

Pinner – macrothc
Fatty J – cdomzz
Twizzler – dominic_2406

Cultural References

Ting – 1consciousmind
Gas – ethnobotanic_pilgrim
A twist – mbabarai
Zoot – rusty_brah
Puro! – cdomzz
Puffer- danchefski
A Dutch… I don’t roll joints – hz13

Pop- Culture References

Dooby dooby doo <3 – ride_____on
Mummy finger – canna_fresca
Scooby doobie – chance_ace_lyle
Groovy doobie – marleyforprez

_____ Stick

Glue stick – juxtasoul
Dopestick – d1nman
Trippy Stick – imn2ds_hmu
Wizard stick – que_beats

Common Names for Men

Joe ✌ – teklatruly
A Jeffrey – globalgreensdelivery
Jawn – commodore_ec
I call em Jimmys – jimmyfromthe818
Jason – ogmedicinalherbs

Inanimate Objects

Baseball bat or bat for short – terryperil
Kite – citizenkem
Rolex – free_lijah
Paper plane – in.dacut


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