Where Is Cannabis Legal In The United States?


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Within a short span of time, the United States is poised to reach the tipping point between persecution and acceptance. Right now, 24 states and the nation’s capital have listened to the hearts of their people and accepted cannabis. Ohio is but a signature away from becoming the 25th. That is half the country. So where is cannabis legal? This breakdown will spell it out for you.

So where is cannabis legal?

  1. Alaska*
  2. Arizona
  3. California
  4. Colorado*
  5. Connecticut
  6. Delaware
  7. Hawaii
  8. Illinois
  9. Maine
  10. Maryland
  11. Massachusetts
  12. Michigan
  13. Minnesota
  14. Montana
  15. Nevada
  16. New Hampshire
  17. New Jersey
  18. New Mexico
  19. New York
  20. Oregon*
  21. Pennsylvania
  22. Rhode Island
  23. Vermont
  24. Washington*
  • In Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, and the District of Columbia, it is also legal for recreational use by adults. Guam, a territory of the US, also allows medical use.

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