Why Are These Pioneers Still Rotting In Prison Now That Marijuana’s Mainstream?


Nina, without a father

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Nina Montes was only 4 years old when her father was taken from her.

“It is really sad and it makes me cry [when I visit my dad in prison],” Nina says. “I cry when the time is over and we have to go because we only get three hours, maybe two. All I know is he made a mistake and I don’t think he should be owing that [much time]”.

Nina gets to visit her father once every other month at a prison 5-hours away from her home in Modesto. Ricardo says he tries to call every other day, but calls from prison are ridiculously expensive and limited to 15 minutes. “I try to speak to all of them, Nina is the oldest so I have more of a conversation with her. She is at the age now where I can actually explain why I am here,” Montes says.

“She didn’t know for a long time. She really doesn’t understand when I explain to her what I did. She’s like, there are still other dispensaries open, why aren’t they going to jail? I told her I have no answer for that.”

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