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Why Does Cannabis Have Those Delicious & Distinct Aromas?


A plant that smells like diesel fuel? Or skunk? In my high school years, if it smelled like fuel, then the package leaked in the truck gas tank that smuggled it.You couldn’t give that stuff away. Today, some of the most popular strains have aromas of cheese, feet, and more. Many people new to cannabis wonder how each strain gets its unique, and sometimes mind-boggling aroma. Furthermore, why would you want it when it smells like that?

One of the many reasons that cannabis is such a versatile plant when it comes to helping humanity is its amazing ability to create many, many strains, each with unique smell profiles. The cannabis plant has an aroma profile larger than any other plant on the planet, but cannabinoids, the molecules that cause the “high” and other beneficial effects have no odor The secret to this is a group of molecules known as terpenoids.



Terpenoids, or terpenes, are aromatic molecular compounds that comprise the building blocks of smells. These molecules evaporate easily, giving off smells even at room temperatures, and are secreted in the same glands as THC. Unlike cannabinoids, terpenes are prevalent throughout the plant kingdom.  Produced by countless plant species, terpenes are found in fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, and other botanicals. Terpenes are also common ingredients in the human diet and have generally been recognized as safe to consume by the US Food and Drug Administration.


The homeotherapy tomes are rich with the reputed benefits of essential oils. Marketing movements sweeping the world such as doTERRA have encyclopedic lists of ailments and the oils that can help with them. The science behind the excitement is that the oils cause reactions within our bodies, and different combinations of oils can cause focused effects in our systems, known as the entourage effect. The fact is that…

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