Why Is One Of The Biggest Weed Cities Bringing Down The Hammer?


Why is Portland bringing down the hammer on cannabis events? The city is home to some of the largest cannabis events in the country, but that might soon change as the city is cracking down on public consumption and sales at the events.

What’s the problem?

According to city officials, the biggest concerns are that public consumption may violate clean air acts and that paying admission to an event that gives out free samples amounts to sales, which are restricted to licensed dispensaries. Organizers, promoters, and property owners where events that violate the rules are held could face stiff fines, up to $5,000 in each case, whether the event is indoors or outdoors.

Victor Salinas of Portland’s Office of Neighborhood Involvement said that the city is increasing enforcement of code at future events, and has added four more compliance officers since March. He said that even parties where guests pay admission are considered public because anyone who pays can get in. Oregon’s Clean Air Act…

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