Why Marijuana Marketers Face High Hurdles


Cannabis is going from underground sensation to headline status in politics, culture, and the eyes of businesses. Where does the road lead for the burgeoning industry already employing thousands and raking in billions? All indications point to one direction: up. It isn’t just growers who have high hopes, either. Cultivation is only one piece of the pie.

Market shares

Arcview Market Research estimates that by 2019, the cannabis-related industry will be worth $11 billion dollars. According to Veridian Market Research, It isn’t just cultivation that is growing in the cannabis market. Cultivation only counts for about 25% of the entire industry.

Be it the software that helps keep track of inventory, databases of genetics, or smartphone apps for cannabis delivery, programming firms are booming within the field. The field of biotechnology, specifically in agricultural applications to grow cannabis bigger, faster, and more potent with specialized nutrients and supplements

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