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Why You Need To Join Cannabis.net Right Now


Recently, we here at Stoned Girls got the opportunity to sit down and talk to Curt Dalton, Managing Director for Cannabis.net.  For those of you who haven’t had the chance to check out Cannabis.net yet, you absolutely need to, as it is probably one of the most dynamic cannabis websites on the internet.  On top of keeping you abreast of cannabis news and dispensary locations, they have just launched a brand new social media platform dedicated to everyone who enjoys cannabis and cannabis culture!

Now, about that social media platform.  Cannabis.net is essentially the Facebook of weed.  It is the absolute perfect place to go to post your thoughts, stories, smoking selfies, and interesting articles with regards to the cannabis community and culture.  Not to mention you can link up with likeminded people all over the country!

According to Curt, there was a big need in this emerging market to create a user-friendly social platform for cannabis enthusiasts to be able to post, without the judgment and looming threat of Facebook shutting them down.  On top of that, Cannabis.net is a gathering place for people interested in dispensaries, reviews, and flat out making new connections in the cannabis community.

One of the most unique things about Cannabis.net, however, is their integration of budtenders.  In the job market right now, being a budtender is probably one of the most coveted jobs amongst millennials, and it’s something that is still a bit of a mystery to a large portion of the population.  Thanks to Cannabis.net we get to take a really cool look into the lives of budtenders through their social platform.  Not only do they have the world’s coolest job, but they are amongst the foremost experts in the marijuana world.  On Cannabis.net, you can follow budtenders all over the country and take a look both into their lives and their brains.

On top of that, Cannabis.net proudly appeals to everyone.  While they have their “college humor” type content for the young, millennial potheads, Cannabis.net is also a really great resource for the baby boomer crowd looking to buy legal marijuana, but don’t know how.

So, you would think putting together the amazing resource for all things marijuana that Cannabis.net is took a lot of time, right?  Well, Curt likes to refer to it as “a 100 second decision”.  He said they had always had the idea to create a social media platform, but pulled the trigger quickly when he realized what a great opportunity it really was.

When asked what his ultimate goal with Cannabis.net was, Curt wasn’t shy about his ambition.  He said that it was their intention to be the biggest cannabis portal online as quickly as possible, and with a domain like Cannabis.net, we think he’s in pretty good shape!

And, finally, when asked about the future of marijuana, Curt was pretty certain our next President will be forced to at least decriminalize it on a federal level.  We don’t think we’re alone here when we say we hope he’s right!

So, if you still haven’t stopped by Cannabis.net to check it out, we strongly suggest you do so now.  You can even find a few of our Stoned Girls models on there!  Signing up couldn’t be easier, so there’s no reason not to, and there’s no reason not to drop our girls a line when you get there!

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