Will The U.S. Government Push for International Drug Decriminalization?


The convention’s new focus

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“We will propose greater focus on what we call new psychoactive substances. These are the new drugs, ladies and gentlemen, which in the 21st century the pharmaceutical industry can produce at a rate faster than governments or – good afternoon – or the United Nations system can actually review and register. And as is the case in most legal systems and certainly is the case in the U.S. legal system, it is not illegal to buy or sell a drug until the government has assessed that the drug is, in fact, sufficiently dangerous as to be schedulable on the proscribed substances list. And our challenge in the 21st century is that new drugs are pumping out faster than governments and regulatory agencies are able to assess them.”

Synthetic drugs, like “Spice” and “Bath Salts” have become widespread in a relatively short period of time, because more healthy substances, like cannabis, are illegal and tested for. When we make healthy decisions more expensive, people are forced…

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