Will This State Be First To Approve Medical Marijuana To Treat Addiction?


For all the concerns about marijuana being habit-forming, it is non-toxic, and therefore effectively eliminates the possibility of overdose. With its pain relieving and nausea-suppressing qualities, it is ideal for the treatment of opioid addiction and the discomfort of withdrawals. Now Maine looks to be the first state to specifically include addiction treatment in the listed conditions for which cannabis can be recommended.

How medical marijuana treatment addiction works

May 26, 2009 - West Hollywood, California, USA -A neon sign at a medical marijuana clinic in West Hollywood, California.Photo credit

Cannabis treats addiction to dangerous opioids like heroin, Oxycontin, or even meth, simply by acting as a far less dangerous substitute. In addition, as it weans addicts off the hard stuff it soothes their bodies through the horrible pains of intense withdrawals. Several treatment facilities in legal states, including California and Massachusetts, have noted success with the substitution, and even D.A.R.E. has removed it from the list of gateway drugs it teaches about in school and youth anti-drug campaigns.

What’s happening…

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