Wiz Khalifa: “Elevated” Video Drops & Features Surprise Guest Star


Every spot is smoking

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Whether he is ignoring a pretty girl in his bedroom, at a fancy lobster dinner party in an abandoned warehouse, staring soulfully out a window in fuzzy slippers, or standing around an empty loft while a guy plays piano, Wiz knows how to do it with style. His video debuted on the Vogue site, where he talked at length about his custom look.

He also shows that life isn’t all about women when you have a fat joint on your coffee table, and champagne means nothing when some good herb aperitif is being passed around with your friends over dinner.

Don’t forget the Kush

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The other thing that makes people love him is his absolute love for cannabis. In the video, all the weed is real, and it is all his signature brand, Khalifa Kush. In an interview with Vogue, he went on about all the brands and custom clothes he wore, but lit up (no pun intended) when they asked about the cannabis.

“Yeah, we definitely were smoking the KK in the video. (Opening up my own dispensary) is…

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