You Need To Know The Importance Of Epigenetic Changes


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Earlier this month, two Australian researchers experienced their fifteen minutes of fame. They did so with some eye-catching headlines, linking cannabis to heritable DNA changes. But, are these claims actually true? Leading cannabis researcher Dr. Ethan Russo has some thoughts. Here’s how the ‘cannabis damages DNA; claims have been debunked. 

The ‘cannabis damages DNA’ claims

Last week, some scary headlines were making their way around the internet. The claims? Cannabis causes DNA changes that can be passed onto children. The research behind these statements came from the University of Western Australia.

Two scientists, Albert Stewart Reece, and Gary Kenneth Hulse, reviewed a collection of articles on cannabis and addiction-related cancers. Their published research is a literature review. They did not actually perform any study to put their claims to the test. Rather, their argument attempted to draw connections between research done in the past.

Reece and Hulse came out with some shocking…

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