You Probably Know More About Cannabis than ‘Drug Experts’


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According to a group of national experts, cannabis enthusiasts may know more than people think we do. That’s right, we know exactly what we are doing. It turns out that cannabis users are more experienced and have more knowledge about the plant than healthcare providers. The amount of people seeking treatment is increasing and providers just aren’t as informed as they should be. It just goes to show, we really aren’t a bunch of ‘dumb pot-smokers‘ after all. 

Highly informed

At a conference, it has been told that cannabis users seeking treatment are experts when it comes to the green stuff, forcing professionals to play catch up.

A group of national experts was recently informed about the “inverted expertise” noticed in cannabis consumers during a meeting at York University where ideas on effective treatment were exchanged. The conference was told that the number of people wanting treatment is increasing, with research revealing that there has been a 64% increase between 2005 and…

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